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Acceptance of Terms:

Discount Enablers is a website owned and operated by https://discountenablers.com and all the subjects entitled as “we”, “us”, “our”, or “ours” are directly refer to or associated with (i) the website you will reach through https://discountenablers.com (ii) and the services you will be able to enjoy or avail from the platform of Discount Enablers (iii) and the mobile applications you will find or use in future (under the ownership of Discount Enablers). Not any third party, merchants or sellers are included or related to us in any means.

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Privacy Policy:

Besides the conditions going to be mentioned here, we strongly recommend you to read the Privacy Policy of the page so you must know about our Privacy statement. Both the privacy policy and terms and conditions are asked to review with consistency as they all will be subjected to the use of services. It is hereby requested to frequently visit these pages (the site) to get updates on the website. We consider that our users (referring to the buyers, visitors, and/or consumers of the site) must know how we gather, use and share their data or private info so they will be solely dependent on their choice to continue with the services.

About The Site Use:

The website is particularly to use for the purpose we have to discuss here and any exceptions will not be and/or are not expected to entertain by us.For further clarification please read our ownership of website description.This site is a way to get access to (a) free vouchers or coupon codes of products and/or services (b) gift cards (c) introductory promotional offers (d) seasonal discount deals or sales (e) food delivery and/or dining experience in specified dates (f) offers available on using cards (g) make bookings on discount package (h) free shipping.

The offers, discount deals, coupons, and voucher codes are provided by us and so we are responsible for it but the products and/or services are from the sellers or merchants we have affiliations with. We are providing you a platform from where you can make discount purchases from leading brands, stores, or retailers online. From the manufacturing or quality standards to the delivery of goods and services, those merchants will be utterly responsible to satisfy your needs and concerns.

Ownership of Website:

1. License (Content Rights Reserved)
All the content, material, design, codes of Vouchers and Coupons and the entire infrastructure belongs to Discount Enablers and is taken as our property and therefore, not any seller, buyer, merchant, or user of the site is allowed to change it and to distribute, sell or copypaste to reproduce any similar material for the personal or social benefits without the consent of the owner. If any individual, company, or site is found committing such act, it will be accountable to the Discount Enablers and the owner of Discount Enablers has complete rights to charge or take actions against them according to the law prevailed within the region defined.

2. Use Of Website
By the time you sign in or make an account to use the services here, we will grant you a license for the limited use of the site as a customer. As a buyer or consumer or Discount Enablers you will be free to make purchases or participate in other activities that have been arranged by us for the use of consumers but any public sharing or any other use is not considered to proceed until it is allowed by the site. As a merchant, you can share the details of your products, services, and/or business that can be purchased by our users. And as a consumer, you are supposed to buy the products or services displayed on the website with our Coupons or voucher deals. Again no posting, sharing, or misuse will be tolerated and the doubtful account can be taken over or blocked from the site.

3. Access To The Site
If you are facing interruptions or errors while opening, using, or accessing the site and/or account it will probably due to certain maintenance issues. Or sometimes we also disable a user’s account if the provided info or data is not accurate so be sure that whatever you have provided to the site must be validated to mark your identity.

If you have not did any mistake yet the issue pertains then it can die to some sort of situation that is out of our control. But you may consider the time to time interruption as it is a part of such activities.

Other Websites:

The site often contains or shows you some other links that may be provided by us or other parties related to this website. These links are meant to be provided for your convenience so if you want to search for or look into the further details you will directly get access to those sites. Let us make it clear to you that the use or following of those websites (directed by the link) is not endorsed on our users by Discount Enablers. The only purpose is to give you direct access.

In case if you decide to visit or use those websites, it will be at your sole risk for any damage, loss, or errors. We will not be accountable for any privacy practices or liability f those websites.

Warranty Disclaimer:

As we discussed that using the site or taking any service from Discount Enablers or making any purchase via the platform of Discount Enablers LTD you agree with all the Terms and Conditions that are applicable as terms of use for this website so the whole process of moving on the site and/or getting any service or product from here the choice is yours and the use is at your own risk. Neither Discount Enablers nor any of its associates (affiliations, third party, merchants, subsidiaries, or employee) will be responsible to ensure virus-free, uninterrupted, and error-free use of the site.

All the content available on the site including merchant offerings such as (a) products, (b) services, (c) product description, (d) service description, (e) available programs, (f) user content, no warranty is been given by us for the authenticity and accuracy of all these above-mentioned categories. All such information is provided on the website with the entitlement of the “As is” and “As available” basis. Neither we can claim for any of the available merchant offerings, products, and/or services nor their quality, reliability, and price.

Change in Terms and Conditions:

It is hereby notified and informed to all our users including the beneficiaries of the website, Discount Enablers LTD that we are able and have the authority or rights to completely change, modify or abandon the current Terms and Conditions without any prior notice, announcement, or consent. You (the user) are supposed to or must visit the website to check out the Terms of Use frequently for any new updates. If you want you can also subscribe for the newsletter subscription of Discount Enablers to directly get all info into your inbox. And you may also unsubscribe when you do not want or need the services of Discount Enablers anymore.

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