Our privacy policy (“we”, “our”, and “us” all directly refer to the company, Discount Enablers LTD) is designed in a way to give you people a quality experience of online shopping and enjoying amazing discounts in optimum time.

The obligations and restrictions of our Privacy Policy are equally applied and implemented to all the users (including every visitor, consumer, or retailer who is associated with our website users in any means) of our website with certainly no differentiation. We urge every customer, user, or visitor to the first readout and clearly understand all the terms and conditions (terms of use) later to deal properly with the website and enjoy the services of Discount Enablers LTD to the maximum extent.

Discount Enablers or Discount Enablers LTD wherever is used represents the company (company name) which is an online discount provider (or a discount offers marketplace). People who are interested to pay visits on the website or check out further details are asked to use this official link https://www.discountenablers.com.

Please do avoid using any unofficial or not-so-authentic link or website claiming or pretending to be Discount Enablers.

The company, Discount Enablers LTD itself exists on the following location:33 Parliament Street, Peterborough, LE1 2LS.

Here is our current Privacy Policy which will apply to all the users or consumers of Discount Enablers LTD. Keep in mind we have the right to change or update our terms of policies or policy statements anytime when we want or need and it is fair for us to do. There is no need to inform before the amendments or no consent is required however, we would like to request you to go through this Privacy Policy page now and then so you would timely get the necessary updates. Changes are meant for good purposes and always help to bring improvements in the services.

Collection of Private Information:

Those visitors who want to sign up for our services or are looking forward to shopping online with our promo and discount deals do not have to go through any registration, account making, or login processes. You may simply open the website https://www.discountenablers.com and directly get the desired offers. Because there is no registration or account like things so you don’t have to provide us any sensitive info that you are not comfortable with. But there are certain cases when we will gather your data or personal info through variable means. Usually, we directly do not ask you for providing your address, contact number, or other details but the time you contact us through social apps, or personal contact numbers we absolutely will get access to your info and we can also add it into our records for different needs. The purposes and uses of all such data have been put in How We Can Use Your Personal Data? and Google Analytics and Metrics sections.

Social Networking Interaction:

Whenever the consumers make a connection with us via their social accounts or sites some of their info is already get exposed to the website administration. This info includes all the data that is available on their social media profile (such as gender, age, profession or job status, contacts, etc.). As it is easy to get access to such info once the two interacting parties get involved in communication and therefore, we will also be able to collect and use such kind of data for the purpose we want to.
But if you don’t like or want to share such kind of information with the website of Discount Enablers LTD then you may change it in the privacy settings of your social account and then you will be able to control, restrict or allow sharing up to certain level.


A certain number of information like your IP address, login device, time spend on the website and few more things are important for us to know more about your activities on our site. Like many other websites, we tend to get these basic details of our users since they start visiting our website.Go ahead to know what we have to do with it and how do we ensure the security of such data.

How We Can Use Your Personal Data?

Keep these few essential keywords in mind while reading this section:
  • Choices
  • Interest
  • Priorities
  • Personalization
  • Likes dislikes
It’s been told earlier that we don’t personally demand our consumers to share their private info as there is no need for them to get our services (or discount offers) for online purchases. However, the information we will have from your social accounts or browser searches can be used by us for some very reasonable purposes which are most often done by the site owners.

These are meant to be utilized for getting the background of customers’ interests and choices. What kind of deals and offers could be on the top of their list or which haven’t caught their preferences in the first place? Which type of discount offers he picks up the most of what is in his ignorant list? By doing so we examine your activities and usage and reach out to a possible, calculated conclusion where we have an idea of how to serve the regular and valuable customers. In a nutshell, it is to give you a more personalized experience so you may enjoy the most.

Data Security:

All the above-mentioned data and credentials are protected by using highly advanced security technologies. We adopt all measures that are mandatory to keep your info secured and confidential. Your convenience is our priority and that is why whatever info we will pick up from your account rather it is about contacts, transaction methods or something else will be given complete security protocols.

However, the third parties (the one we have affiliations with) are free to process things according to their preferences. You may claim onto those sites, or servers for any misused but we, Discount Enablers won’t have any role to play there. Also, there is no chance of selling your data from our side because we are a man of our words and ensure great security of our customers’ info.

Google Analytics and Metrics:

To speed up our performance and keep a check on the current metrics we perform analysis of user activity on our website. It leads to know how and where we have to proceed to enhance customer experiences.It is another purpose of collecting your data using our servers.Again it is for improvisation of the services.

Mobile App or Tracking of Location:

It will surely not a surprise that if you are using any mobile application to get the services from Discount Enablers then it may let us trace your location. But like many other things you have full control over it that when and how to give us access to your location and when to prevent or stop us from doing this.

You may go to the “privacy settings” or “Location” to restrict your device sharing the location information with us. The purpose of getting your location info is just to send you an alert of the offers available nearby whether you are at home or moving around a shopping mall. So this will make you not miss any good opportunity to buy the article with an instant discount offer. But if you do not want then you may go to the privacy settings and edit it to manage the control and access.

Newsletter Subscription:

Only email address is sometimes required to incase of the newsletter or new updates. You may subscribe to our newsletter to get the recent, exciting offers directly into your inbox and may also unsubscribe at any time.

Contact Us:

For queries, comments or questions feel free to contact us. You may ask about anything regarding this section of the privacy policy, site operations, and multiple functions processing through our site.

Or may call us on:

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